Bosnian alphabet characters in LaTeX

While working on a document in LaTeX I had to insert a specific character which I was not able to find in WinEdt. Wiki was only of temporal help because it showed only the latex code for the character č and not ć which i actually was looking for. After googling a lot more than I initially thought I would need, I found the trick by using \v{c} and puzzled the rest by myself.

Anyway, I thought it would be helpful to post all of the Bosnian special characters in one neat table. So here it is.

You can also download this nice PDF if you need it locally for a quick reference.

Bosanski opis:
Tabela ispod pokazuje sva naša slova i u koloni pored kod za latex. Kod dva
slučaja, kod slova đ i Đ je potrebno instalirati dodatni paket pošto ova slova
nisu standardno podržana (to je barem kod mene trenutno slučaj). U svakom
slučaju ce ovo dati željeni rezultat.

U ovom pdf-u se moze naći ovaj sav sadržaj.

Made my contribution to the Bosnian wikipedia. 😀