How to make yourself Server Admin (again) on Teamspeak 3

When installing a Teamspeak server for the first time we obtain a token key (also called a priveledge key) which we can use to gain the initial admin rights. However, when you loose the admin permissions for some reason, the option to use a priveledge key on the Teamspeak client is disabled (note that the first token key can only be used once, so you would need to generate a new one).

The great thing about the Teamspeak server is that it offers us a special interface to which we can connect by using telnet (called the ServerQuery interface). By default this is port 10011 (TCP), which is also called the serverquery port. We can use for example puttytel or the windows telnet client.


Connecting and logging in

We connect by using

puttytel <ip or hostname> <port>

and login by using

login serveradmin <your serveradmin password here>

If your login is correct then you will get the following output:

error id=0 msg=ok

You now need to specify which virtual server to use (use the command serverlist if you have more than one server):

use 1


Obtaining the admin group ID

By default the Admin group ID is set to 6, but this can of course be changed. So to make sure you have the right ID we will look at the list of all groups:


This outputs all the available groups on the chosen virtual server. You can check for sgid=6 and verify that the name is “Server Admin”.

Adding ourselves to the admin group

Before we add ourselves to the admin group we should connect to the server with our Teamspeak client (Important: and stay connected!). Get your Unique ID (in Windows: Settings > Identities ) and use this as follows to obtain the client database ID:

clientdbfind pattern=<your UID> -uid

If your nickname on the server is unique (at least when connected to the server) then you can also search for the client db ID by using a name:

clientdbfind pattern=<your current nickname>

The output should then be something like this:

error id=0 msg=ok


Adding ourselves to the admin group

We can now finally add ourselves to the admin group:

servergroupaddclient sgid=6 cldbid=12

Becoming Serverquery admin by using privelegekeys

privilegekeyadd tokentype=0 tokenid1=6 tokenid2=0

which will give you the privilegekey which you can copy and paste in TS by using Permissions > Use Privilege Key

Final notes

There are more ways to achieve this. One of them is to simply ask another existing admin to add you to the server group manually, or in the worst case installing everything from scratch.

See also the TS3 Server Query manual for more detailed information.

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